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July 11, 2005


Sajax Looks like a good start. It seems to be directed toward server heavy applications. Most of the code out there, from google maps to random "graffiti walls", send only a small amount of data to the server and get lots of goodies back after a bunch of work on the server and Sajax reflects this. The POST data would be hard to structure and the server side code leads to one function, not into a Controller -- and a client defined function at that. Trust an EG? I think not!

Posted by Matt at 10:05 PM

July 09, 2005

I could have taken longer to say this

My favorite pattern currently is the Factory that creates Singletons.

Posted by Matt at 06:50 PM

MVC conformance

Though I have never written anything that is "ISO-MVC9006A compliant", thanks George, that doesn't mean your time won't be wasted if read this for design ideas.

Posted by Matt at 06:45 PM