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February 02, 2006

not design, dancing

Okay, so being as hand-writing is too slow and I tend to lose scraps of paper, here is the first entry in my log of dance steps learned at the Rec and Ed dance class. (You can sign up, too, from the catalog, helps to live in Ann Arbor).

Start hand to hand, right to left. Start on your basic step (leaders on the left foot), and on the count of 3 leaders raise the left hand (right hand of your partner) and turn her to her right. As she turns as you let go with the right hand, slide it into her back, with the back of your hand touching her back and pushing her slightly forward.

Now leaders, on 1 cross your left foot over your right as you bring her around behind your back, keeping a hold with the left hand, and leading her around to face you again on 3. The final part of this intro is to turn her once again to her right on 4-5-6, but at the same time taking your left hand over her head and turning yourself a half turn to the right. On 6 switch her right hand from your left to your right as you are in front of her facing the same direction.

Facing forward
Now you are both facing the same direction, she is behind you and you are holding her right hand with your right hand. On 1 step forward and to the side, while pushing her back, on 2-3 turn sideways, watching her pass, as you throw her right hand into the air and she brings her left hand up, pressing it into you waiting left hand.

On 4 step back and lead her forward, with her left pressing into yours you keep the hand down at the waist and lead her into a half turn so that on 6-1 you are facing the same direction side-to-side with the leader on the right. The woman must be sure here that she brings her right hand up over the conencted left hands on 5-6 or the next part of the move won't work.

Now you are facing the same direction with the leader's right hand ready to grab her right hand. Do not let go of the left. On 1-2 turn her back inside (to the leader's left), take all four hands over her head. On 4-5 the leader turns under his left arm and on 6 you end up facing the same direction with the leader in front holding both hands straight-armed out to the sides.

Use deodorant
From the Titanic position, the leader steps out and to the left on 1-2-3. On 4-5-6, bring her forward, straighten out the right arm and bring it over her head and back, never relinquishing the grasp on both hands.
Rinse, Lather, Repeat.

Do that two times or so and get ready for some fun...

On the next move, the leader kicks our his left foot and crosses over in front of the right on 1-and then 2-3 is a step back on the right and drag the heal of the left foot. Hold on 4 and then move forward to get her on 5-6. For her, on 1-2-3, she is moving behind him and to his left. Then 4-5-6 spins her out of the move as the leader moves up and gets back into the standard position, ready for more fun.

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