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January 24, 2007

Where's the jobs?

Just anecdotal, but a few weeks ago I did a job search on http://craigslist.org

one for Ann Arbor
one for Portland, OR

In one week there were about five new jobs posted in Ann Arbor. In one week there were about five new Ruby on Rails jobs posted in Portland.

Seems that there might be a big difference between Midwest and any coast.

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January 16, 2007

Not so much a career change

I am still a developer/sysadmin. Not that I would want to stop doing that. I've just found a better place to do it:

Today I accepted a position doing a lot of what I like to do, designing programs and making sure that the systems they run on are humming smoothly, development with a good team, and no sys adminning such as "I've reset your password to 'ruadrk', Luser," though when does one really get away from that. There will always be people who are not exactly the "guru" you like to think yourself. There called users. People who haven't spent 6 months programming the program and don't know it in an out.

anyway </ramble>

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January 06, 2007

Old memories

Sorry no new dance moves. Debra and I have not taken a dance class for a while. Due to travelling, pregnancy, and basement remodelling. So there is no news to post: dancing is sort of an old memory, now. We'll see how much time we have when our family expands.

Filling out my educational section on LinkedIn and then going to the Honors/Awards section, brought up an old memory of Gunnisonville Elementary, where as part of school integration they bussed me, a white kid, to a suburban school.

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