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November 20, 2007

the inventor: Part B

Today, Amazon owes me at least a nod of acknowledgement. They released a thing called the kindle, that apparently will download a book and let you sit on your couch reading it. Or let you sit at poolside in Cancun reading it. Or let you visit the in-laws on Thanksgiving reading it (provided they have an internet connection).

They use "epaper," but it is "big" and "clunky".

It is not clear if you can just browse the web or actually download other web content like newspapers, blogs, etc.

The reason they only own me a nod is that my invention is so much better. Yes, mine has "epaper", wireless downloading, newspapers, I guess even books, but it not clunky. With mine, all you carry with is a thin film of "epaper." It has all the wireless, processing, authentication, etc. inside the "epaper." It recharges through the motion of your reading.

The other thing is that it saves the newspaper from extinction. You still subscribe but you don't get a hard copy delivered to your house. It gets delivered wirelessly to your "epaper."

Oh, and you went on vacation? Yes you still get your paper every day (provided you have wifi access). Oh you are in NY and want the Times instead of the Bumpkin Times Picayune? Yes there is a "subscription sharing" service where you can switch what paper it downloads daily.

Of course, all this anticipates foldable epaper that contains the necessary processing and still feels like a regular newspaper. When you invent that after getting the idea here, a small check would be nice. Or just let me write the subscription management services software and we'll split the take on that.

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I am an inventor: part A

What you are going to get here is a huge list of things I've invented. Or will invent. Or hope that someone will pay me once they use my idea and become disgustingly dirty rich with it.

For instance, that spoke wrench you use after hitting a tree head on on your mountain bike, yeah, the one that has a bottle opener on it, Brian Teipen and I thought that up years ago.

Or all those motorized grocery cart pushers you see people pushing huge lines of carts at Target with? Just ask Ray Herlocher. Around 1998 I came up with that idea.

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