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January 13, 2008

the inventors: someone else

It all starts here, the beginning of the solution.

Since don't believe in any international cabals (and don't personally know the 10 people who control the world anyway) my special imagination time has to be spent more optimistically. I spend most of my conspiracy theory time thinking about the conspiracy of reality and time.

You know I have it on good authority that "time is an affliction" and this precise affliction is deterioration of our bodies. The fortunate, beneficial conspiracy between reality and time is that, before I (don't) die, medical science and nanotechnology will devise means to prolong our bodies' existence indefinitely.

Computer technology may devise ways for us to backup and restore our consciousness, but what fun is consciousness lingering like a frozen brain in electrical/optical/magentic/quantum statis. (yeah, I know they'll give your consciousness ways to expand and exercise itself, but this is my daydreaming.)

It looks like maybe they'll just start replacing organs as they go bad. They'll need to work out recovery from trauma though, because once the brain dies and the body stops functioning, it will probably be hard to start back up, so keep your eyes open for more.

"All well and good," you say, "but you said there was a conspiracy and reality was involved." Yes, I did and the conspiracy is you think reality has been around since the big bang, or maybe just 6000 years. Oh, you are sorely mistaken. Reality started one June morning in 1972. There was no "before." Reality just popped out so to speak and had this crazy notion the it would perpetuate time forever.

In order to address this affliction of time, reality likes to play a suspenseful game. Always keeping the appearance of imminent demise, and even ensuring eventual destruction through "death," while at the same constantly addressing the issue of this demise through new "science." Always having something right there to be the solution to what we said was an undefeatable enemy.

Do you think you will die? You won't. In your reality, something will always come up with the solution to your ailment or affliction and preserve your reality. Just be optimistic. Stop thinking about the cabal, they aren't inventing your life as it goes along.

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