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June 22, 2008

Noise-cancelling silverware

Why you ask? Because who hasn't been annoyed waking up to the sound of a loved one slurping cereal and clinking their spoon on the bowl. Who hasn't tried to eat in a diner only to be drowned out by the clinking and clanking. Who wasn't annoyed by the "diner" sounds on that Hangover Cafe Sunday morning radio show.

Additionally, this would give children just learning to use utensils much less incentive to go banging their spoon into their dish or on the table.

Okay, this is really more a cool-factor than anything useful, but "noise-cancelling" is a hot item right now.

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Inventing Brandable Jokes

How many times have you forgotten your wallet or your coffee on top of your car and just wish someone was there to warn you before you drove off?

With my latest invention the joke is no longer on you. It is on the person who is yelling at you, "Hey, your coffe is on top of the car!" Because that is not a real coffee cup, that is a replica with a magnet on the bottom, so that you can drive all over town fooling everyone into thinking you are forgetful, when really you're just a very humorous person.
Next week it will be your cell phone. The week after that, your purse/wallet.

Then watch the people really stare when you leave your baby's car seat on the roof next to the beer. The cop who pulls you over probably won't stop laughing until next Thursday he'll enjoy the joke so much. On second thought we'll stick to just jokes in "good" taste.

Next year comes the branding. If McDonald's won't pay for it to be their coffee cup, then Starbucks will.

Opening a new takeout restaurant? Let your first 100 customers have a free meal and drive around with your "bag" on their roof or trunk.

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