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August 08, 2010

Why's this like that? - 0

moggio:~$ cat .Xmodmap
remove Lock = Caps_Lock
keycode 9 = Caps_Lock
keycode 66 = Escape
add Lock = Caps_Lock

What does this do?
This switches the caps lock key and the escape key on a standard US keyboard in Linux.

What is the motivation?
I use vim for my text editing. The escape key is way more useful than caps lock so having it right under my pinky is a win.

How do I make it happen?
One way is just on the command line:

moggio:~$ xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap

another way is in your bashrc file, if you use bash shell and would like it happen when you login to X.

moggio:~$ cat .bashrc | tail -n 13 | head -n 1
if [[ -e ~/.Xmodmap ]]; then xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap; fi

Note you do not need it on the 13th line from the end. Put it wherever you'd like.

Posted by Matt at August 8, 2010 09:49 PM


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