Servlet Packaging

The servlet is built using Ant. Source files are formatted during the build using the stylesheets provided. The build process serializes the RefEntryBackEnd for the servlet so the servlet is completely self contained for initialization. Everything is in the servlet WAR file. Because it is self-contained, the servlet can be rebuilt from its own contents. Because it loads everything into memory at initialization time, the servlet is also less susceptible to file system corruption while it runs, though memory corruption could conceivably ruin it easily, and servlets containing many, many documents could use significant amounts of memory.

The servlet WAR file includes the following content.

Table 1. Servlet Content

File ElementDescription
build.xmlAnt build file
docs/Project documentation source and Javadoc
docs/README.txtRead this first
docs/relnotes.txtRelease notes for this release
format.javaWrapper for format utility
META-INF/Servlet manifest files
src/Project source files
src/conf/Servlet configuration files
src/org/mcraig/cs445/refentryJava source files for the servlet
src/refentry.dtdDocBook-based DTD for RefEntry documents
src/test/Test RefEntry documents
src/web.xmlWeb application descriptor
src/xml/RefEntry XML sources
src/xslt/XSLT stylesheets
Test*.javaSystem tests for finished servlet
WEB-INF/Servlet generated files

All content, except the documentation graphics and documentation build files, can be retrieved by unpacking the archive.