WebMan: A Basic RefEntry Servlet

Mark Craig

Table of Contents
Project Content
In this Document
Installing the Application
Installing on Linux
Installing on Windows
Using the RefEntry Servlet and Client
Using the Client
Creating RefEntry Documents
Building A Servlet of Your Own
RefEntry Client Design
WebMan Client Viewer
RefEntry Development
Development Tools
format — generate XHTML from a RefEntry document
cw.props — a Properties file of common words to ignore
refentrys.props — a Properties file listing RefEntry documents to include
xslt.props — a Properties file of common words to ignore
RefEntry Servlet Design
Servlet Classes
RefEntry — hold RefEntry document meta-information
RefEntryBackEnd — back end class holding RefEntry information
RefEntryIndex — index for searching RefEntry documents
RefEntryServlet — servlet class for webman client
RefEntryTransformer — transform RefEntry documents to XHTML
Servlet Packaging
Test Plan and Results
Test Plans
Functional Tests
System Tests
Installation Tests
Test Results
Results for the Second Delivery
Results for the Third Delivery
Results for the Fourth Delivery
RefEntry Elements
arg — command argument element
attribution — whom to attribute a quote
blockquote — lengthy quote in the midst of other text
citerefentry — reference to another RefEntry document
citetitle — mention title of another document
classname — object class name
classsynopsis — syonpsis for an object class
classsynopsisinfo — information about an object class
cmdsynopsis — object class name
command — command line tool name
computeroutput — output on terminal screen
constructorsynopsis — synopsis for an object constructor method
destructorsynopsis — synopsis for an object destructor method
emphasis — emphasized word or phrase
entry — a table cell
errorcode — code identifying an error
errorname — name identifying an error
errortype — type of error
example — sample use of the reference subject
exceptionname — name of an object exception
fieldsynopsis — synopsis for an object field
funcdef — definition of a function
funcparams — function referenced through a function pointer
funcprototype — prototype for a function
funcsynopsis — synopsis for a function
funcsynopsisinfo — information needed to use a function
function — name of a function
group — group of command arguments
initializer — initializer for a method parameter
interfacename — name of an object oriented interface
itemizedlist — list without a mandatory order
listitem — item in a simple list
literal — inline literal word or phrase
manvolnum — volume of RefEntry XML document
methodname — name of an object method
methodparam — parameter for an object method
methodsynopsis — synopsis for an object method
modifier — method or method parameter modifier
msg — a single error message
msgentry — entry in a set of error messages
msgexplan — explanation of an error message
msginfo — information about an error message
msglevel — information about the level of an error message
msgmain — main component of an error message
msgorig — information about the origin of an error message
msgrel — related component of an error message
msgset — list of error messages
msgsub — subcomponent of an error message
msgtext — text of an error message
ooclass — object class
ooexception — object exception
oointerface — object interface
orderedlist — list having an explicit order
para — text of an error message
paramdef — definition of a function parameter
parameter — function parameter name
programlisting — code listing
quote — inline quote
refentry — root element for reference entry XML document
refentrytitle — title of a RefEntry XML document
refmeta — container for meta-information about a reference entry XML document
refmiscinfo — miscellaneous meta-information for a RefEntry document
refname — name of the reference subject
refnamediv — name and description of reference subject
refpurpose — short description of the reference subject
refsect1 — generic reference entry section
refsect2 — generic reference entry subsection
refsynopsisdiv — reference entry section for a synopsis
replaceable — item to be replaced with a literal string
row — row in a table
sbr — line break in command synopsis
screen — terminal as seen by user
synopsis — generic synopsis
table — information presented in tabular form
tbody — body of a table
term — element of a list of terms and definitions
tgroup — group of table block elements
thead — header of a table
title — section, example, or table title
trademark — trademarked term
type — object data type
ulink — URL link
userinput — text as typed by a user
varargs — repeated variable arguments in a function synopsis
variablelist — list of terms and associated explanations
varlistentry — item in list of terms and associated explanations
varname — object variable name
void — void type in a synopsis
xref — cross-reference link
Code Listings
Ant Build File
Format Tool
Format Wrapper
Common Words Configuration File
RefEntry Documents Configuration File
XSLT Stylesheets Configuration File
BackEndGenerator Class
Build Class
CommonWordsGenerator Class
RefEntryBackEnd Class
RefEntryErrorHandler Class
RefEntryGenerator Class
RefEntryIndex Class
RefEntry Class
RefEntryServlet Class
RefEntryTransformer Class
RefEntryValidator Class
Serializer Class
RefEntry DTD
ManVolNum XSLT Stylesheet
RefEntry XSLT Stylesheet
RefName XSLT Stylesheet
RefPurpose XSLT Stylesheet
StripXML XSLT Stylesheet
Acceptance Test for Unit Testing
Small Entry for Unit Testing
Small Entry Result for Unit Testing
Large Entry for Stylesheet Testing
Invalid Entry for Stylesheet Testing
Test for Garbage Requests
Test for Okay Requests
Test Client
Test Threader
Unit Test for RefEntryBackEnd
Unit Test for RefEntryIndex
Unit Test for RefEntry
Unit Test for RefEntryServlet
Unit Test for RefEntryTransformer
Unit Test for RefEntryValidator
Web Application Deployment Descriptor