Serializer Class

package org.mcraig.cs445.refentry;
import java.util.HashSet;

 * Build serialized objects for RefEntry servlet.
 * @author <a href="">Mark Craig</a>
class Serializer {
    /** Default constructor. */
    Serializer() { ; }
     * Construct RefEntryBackEnd and CommonWords serialized objects.
     * @param srcProps Properties file specifying RefEntry source documents.
     * @param xsltProps Properties file specifying XSLT stylesheets.
     * @param cwProps Properties file specifying common words to ignore.
     * @param cwFile Path to serialized common words object file.
     * @param beFile Path to serialized RefEntryBackEnd object file.
    public void build(String srcProps, String xsltProps,
                      String cwProps, String cwFile, String beFile) {
        RefEntryGenerator reg = new RefEntryGenerator();
        HashSet entries = reg.generate();

        CommonWordsGenerator cwg = new CommonWordsGenerator();
        cwg.generate(cwProps, cwFile);

        BackEndGenerator beg = new BackEndGenerator();
        beg.generate(entries, beFile);